CheersNHS is a side project created by a team of volunteers, predominately from Crowdcube,

which allows users to buy NHS workers a takeaway by purchasing a voucher online.




Product Design




During the Covid-19 outbreak, our emergency services, health and social care workers have been faced with extreme pressures of long working hours, limited resources, separation from family and everything else that goes along with this crisis.


We’re showing how much we care by treating our amazing health workers to a timeout and some comfort through a delicious takeaway. "Gifters" are able to show their appreciation by purchasing a Just Eat voucher through CheersNHS.

When users land on CheersNHS, they are welcomed with vibrant Illustrations with a soft, warm colour palette.

At the top we focus on how many meals have been donated by the generous “gifters”. From here the users can scroll down to read more, where they are met with a “How to” or a wall of messages sent and received by previous “gifters” and NHS workers.

“Gifters” can navigate to the reward section of the site by using the CTA on the homepage or the navigation at the top.

This flow isn’t a normal flow due to the users having to navigate away from the page (to the Just Eat website) to complete the task. For this reason we added a “How it works” section to iterate what to expect. Throughout the flow we offer cues and tooltips to aid the users to complete their task.

Once a voucher has been purchased, the gifts are matched with NHS workers who can see who and where the gift was sent from. The “Gifters” also see who the message was sent to and a message from the NHS worker.

This is a key part of NHS, showing the gratification through messages and knowing where the gift was sent from and sent to.

CheersNHS has a “Wall of love” which showcases all the messages sent and received.


Below is an example of the illustration style. I used warm and vibrant colours to give

a welcoming, celebratory feel to the CheersNHS identity,