Crowdcube signup flow

As we are a regulated fintech company, we are required to perform AML checks on our members who wish to invest in the investment opportunities we present on our platform.Little intro text


Crowdcube signup flow


Art Direction


User testing



Many investors fail initial checks (Name, DOB, Address) often because the information has been mis-entered or not formatted correctly. 


As the user is already in the mindset of providing their credentials, present the information upfront at the start of the flow to make it clear that the information needs to be legal and correct, eliminating the need to enter the details during the investment flow. During the investment flow, we would only require the user to confirm their details, making the investment simple and quick.

Below is the old signup flow

Previously our users would sign up with their email address or social logins, verify their email address and begin investing.

It was at this point the user would need to go through an assessment to make sure they understand the risks that come with investing in opportunities and filling out their personal details (Name, DOB, Address) before being able to invest in a particular opportunity.

The user flow for the signup process

We had to be careful with the new flow as we were adding a lot more friction to the signup process. This information was necessary so we had to make sure it required as little thought as possible to the journey.

The process was segregated into sections to give the user a break, the more steps the user has to go through with little thought is a better experience than presenting the entire form in one view. This is because it requires less cognitive load for the user which meant fewer drop-offs.

Wireframes for our signup flow

We took users through the proposed new design. Our aim was to measure whether the user found it difficult to proceed or if they experienced any barriers. The users flew through the process whilst still completing all the tasks as required (filling out legal name, correct address). Whilst the users filled in their correct names and address, we saw no pain points. 

See the final outcome below