Crowdcube rebrand

In August 2019 Crowdcube launched their new identity


Crowdcube rebrand


Art Direction

Graphic Design


Logo design


Crowdcube have grown so much in the past seven years, they needed to do more: they needed to show the passion behind their brand, show their loyal customers, both current and new, who and what is behind Crowdcube, and what they stand for.


Using the core message "Funding the Wonderful" as the foundation for their new identity and with the help of Rooster Punk, Crowdcube started to communicate something wonderful.

Crowdcube’s old logo

Crowdcube has become a name investors and entrepreneurs have come to trust and recognise, so Crowdcube chose to keep their name.

Working with Rooster Punk, a few themes wwere incorporated into the ideas:

  1. - simplicity and confidence of our name
  2. - growth, support and power of wonder
  3. - spotlight on the wonder, to name but a few.

A lot of iterations  were designed –  some looked the part, some didn't feel right and some had good intentions, but weren't in tune with where the brand was going.

The beginning of wonder

We went back to the drawing board (literally) and Crowdcube Design met up with David from Rooster Punk to reconnect. We started to sketch ideas from an open conversation about what Crowdcube meant  –  steering towards the power of Crowdcube's wonderful businesses.

From quick sketches and discussions about the meaning behind "Funding the Wonderful", Crowdcube's logo was born, the wonderful resonating from the start of the wordmark. It's not just a logo, but a symbol of Crowdcube's wonderful businesses.

We now had a strong logo (note: work was going on in parallel to this on our web and app visual identity), but we still had some work to do to make it recognisable on smaller screens, social websites and our App.

From visual tests it was evident our logo would not work. It was not strong enough.

Due to the way our logo was designed, when contained within a shape (app icon square, or circle) there was a lot of white space top and bottom. The wordmark ("Crowdcube") became illegible and the strong meaning it was meant to portray was becoming lost.

We reduced the wordmark to just the C, kept our strong brand colours and the beginning of our wonder mark. The blue background was used to give our orange more power to stand out.